Aldehyde C-11 (Undecenal)

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  • Captivating Aroma
  • Long-Lasting Essence
  • Versatile Application
  • Purity Guaranteed
  • Crafted for Excellence

Aldehyde C-11 – Premium Fragrance Ingredient

Aldehyde C-11 also Known as Lauraldehyde, is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH3(CH2)10CHO. Its distinguished fragrance ingredient is renowned for its exceptional qualities that elevate olfactory experiences to new heights. Here’s a closer look at its outstanding features:

Captivating Aroma:

Unleash an alluring fragrance with Aldehyde C-11. Its carefully crafted molecular structure ensures a unique and memorable scent, setting your creations apart.

Long-Lasting Essence:

Experience the luxury of enduring fragrance. Aldehyde C-11 boasts a remarkable staying power, ensuring that your scented products leave a lasting impression on those who encounter them.

Versatile Application:

From perfumes to candles and beyond, Aldehyde C-11 offers unparalleled versatility. Elevate your creations, whether they are personal fragrances, home scents, or artisanal products.

Purity Guaranteed:

Our Aldehyde C-11 is meticulously sourced and undergoes rigorous quality checks to guarantee purity. Rest assured that you’re working with a premium ingredient that meets the highest standards.

Crafted for Excellence:

Aldehyde C-11 is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, designed for excellence in every drop. Its carefully balanced composition ensures a harmonious blend that enhances the overall fragrance profile.


– Perfumery: Add a touch of sophistication to your perfumes, creating an unforgettable signature scent that lingers.

– Candle Making: Infuse your candles with the luxurious aroma of Aldehyde C-11, transforming any space into a haven of sensory delight.

– Aromatherapy: Harness the therapeutic benefits of fragrance by incorporating Aldehyde C-11 into aromatherapy blends for relaxation and rejuvenation.

– Home Products: Elevate the sensory experience of your home products, from room sprays to sachets, with the enchanting fragrance of Aldehyde C-11.

– Artisanal Creations: Whether you’re crafting soaps, lotions, or other artisanal products, Aldehyde C-11 adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Discover the essence of excellence with Aldehyde C-11, where fragrance meets perfection. Elevate your creations and captivate the senses with this premium fragrance ingredient.


30ml, 120ml, 1 Lit.


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Aldehyde C-11 (Undecenal)Aldehyde C-11 (Undecenal)
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